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Trio, Quartet, Quintet (excerpt)
File under: Modal

Walter Strerath

Trio, Quartet, Quintet (Lp)

Label: Sonorama

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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Legendary Modern Jazz album from Germany and the true holy grail of European LPs. First session recording by the internationally awarded pianist Walter Strerath and his brilliant sidemen from 1969, originally released with a beautiful silk-screen printed cover on the tiny Jazz Groove' label in an edition of a few hundred copies only. Outstanding self penned tunes by the trio and Hans Thomas (trumpet/ fluegelhorn) plus Christian Lindner (saxes). A monument of a jazz album with originals booking in at 3.000$ on ebay. Remastered 2008

File under: Modal
Cat. number: L-39
Year: 2016

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