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Jazz Community

Revisited (LP)

Label: Sonorama

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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A compilation of lost tracks by the Zurich based Sextet “Jazz Community”. One of the most important Post-Bop and Modal Jazz bands from Europe, that featured the exceptional brass section of Hans Kennel (tp, flh), Paul Haag (tb) and Heiner Althaus (ts). Their most celebrated tracks from the rare LP’s "Jazz Community" and "Il Topo" are on one album. All recordings produced in 1979 at the studio of Bruno Spoerri and in 1983 in concert at The Club in Rubigen, Bern. Lovingly restored and remastered in 2018.

There were many changes in the Swiss jazz scene of the 70’s. Some of the groups were dissolved and new ones founded. During this time "Jazz Community" was launched and the group distinguished themselves from many others with an impressive pre-history. This history runs deep with the sextet "Magog" founded in 1973. "Magog” achieved international success through live performances at the Montreux Jazz Festival and the release of two LP’s. Significantly involved was the brass section, consisting of Hans Kennel, Paul Haag and Andy Scherrer. When the latter left the sextet for a stay abroad, Heiner Althaus, following Scherer's recommendation, succeeded him.

After the disbanding of "Magog”, the front line stayed together to form "Jazz Community" in 1978. Although they played well together, the brass players incorporated different styles of soloing, which was perceived as an enrichment. Kennel, one of Switzerland's best-known Hard Bop trumpeters, presents himself as a mature ballad player and a free, resourceful improviser. Haag blows the trombone in a strong, earthy style of the early Jazz years. Althaus improvises in airy climes with rich landings. The band's performance at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1979 was released on a live LP, with four additional tracks recorded in the studio of Bruno Spoerri.

In 1981, the rhythm section of "Jazz Community" was replaced, which brought about a completely different sound and style. The three Bern musicians Jürg Ammann, Michel Poffet and David Elias had played together in the band Uepsylon for several years. Back then they were one of the liveliest rhythm groups of the Swiss Jazz scene. They avoided common schemes and thanks to Ammann as a composer of themes, broke new ground. Again, a live recording was released, this time under the name “Il Topo”. This double album can be interpreted as a summary of the “Jazz Community” repertoire. Jürg Solothurnmann: Il Topo, for "eager" lovers of Post-Bop (quote from the album cover). This new compilation “Jazz Community Revisited” contains both live recordings from Il Topo and the four studio tracks from 1979.

Cat. number: Sonorama ‎– L-109
Year: 2018