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    Noise Nomads

    Label: Ultra Eczema

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    the first time i've met jeff hartford aka moose jaw aka NOISE NOMADS was around 4 years ago in providence, a tense looking bear putting a mic in front of a amp, leaving the audience alone with a whale of feedback, pretty pretty pretty confused!!
    he walks out after kranking open the amp, a minute later a giant REAL christmas tree walks thru the audience trying to find the way back to the amp, kicking people over, i guess this show was right after christmas time and jeff fount it somewhere or he stared at a young kid that was about to decorate it..  i was very impressed by his show, both sound and performance wise, there was a seriously intense vibe there, felt like he could snap at any given moment and squeeze you to death with a christmas tree.. noise nomads' live sets are always strange, confusing and amazing, an amp iiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ing while the man goes running around the block, a mountain of amps that start talking after he picked a fight with them, a sludgier drummer does not excist.
    it was definatly not the last time the man amazed me, his duo set with PAUL FLAHERTY (which is released on american tapes), the loner car rides i shared with him to his area in the valleys of northampton, his amazing monthly zines and tapes, his drumming with grey skull, his drawings etc.. it's a total psycho package; everything is there; visuals, sounds and a great dude! the first side of this record was recorded a bunch of years ago and is just voice and tascam! a amazing swollen beast of sound poetry, gargling waanzin, and muffled barking! the b side is the same dude a few years later on his knees in my livingroom screaming thru a bassdrum and a contact mic attached to a bunch of pedals, harsher than a prison full of parrots to be released! there should be more paintings like kim gordon's NOISE NOMADS!!!
    Noise Nomads
    Cat. number: UE 81
    Year: 2010