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The Probability of an Encounter

Label: Granny Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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***100 copies*** In the electroacoustic composition The Probability of an Encounter d'incise attempts to give physicality to electronic sounds, to capture their materiality as piece of cardboard moving - moving back and forth on itself, and moving relatively to microphones in a room. The loudspeaker as concrete manifestation is pushed to its functionning limits to reveal it as it breaths, vibrates, saturates, rattles in contact of other objects. The raw material made of electronic sounds created by various sorts of feedback (digital, acoustic, through delays or home made spring-reverbs) and a few other crispy acoustic sources dialog with the recordings of their projections and mouvements in space. The process reveals or creates reliefs, in the stereophonic field, not only in the panoramic but also in the feeling of distance and deepness. The Probability of an Encounter in its structure constantly forces the listeners to jump, sometime abruptly and unconfortably, from different levels of acousmatic perception to others. The piece was presented (and created) in quadriphony in Lausanne (thanks to Francisco Meirino's first inviation), Geneva, Fribourg and Bruxelles.
Cat. number: Granny 21
Year: 2019