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Mike Weis

49 Days - Music for a Transition (Tape)

Label: Granny Records

Format: Tape

Genre: Experimental

In stock


***80 copies***  The inspiration for this work came out of a tragic loss. I felt an overwhelming pull to create these two pieces following the sudden death of my father-in-law. In the tradition of the form of Zen Buddhism that I practice there is a ritual that is performed for 49 days following the death of a loved one. During this period the grieving chant the name of Ji-Jang Bosal, “the bodhisattva of transitions,” everyday for an extended time during meditation. The Buddhist mythology of this ritual is to call upon the bodhisattva to assist the dead as they navigate the bardo period, guiding them to see clearly through their karma to choose an appropriate re-birth. A less metaphysical, more secular purpose for this practice is that it is meant more for the living than the dead - a grieving method to bring one closer to the dead, a way to go beyond death as a separation from the living. I’ve found this approach to be very powerful and while deep in chanting meditation one morning the idea to soundtrack the images that I had in my mind of this “otherworld” came to me clearly.

The Ghost in You is structured around a field recording that I made of the carillon at Rockefeller Chapel on the campus of University of Chicago. I recorded it many years ago while I was on a guided tour of the carillon tower. By pitching the speed down I noticed that the recording had an elegiac quality that I have never quite found a suitable use for until this idea. From this starting point I built a composition of sounds from homemade instruments and contact mic’d gong and ride cymbal. The name of this track references The Psychedelic Furs song by the same name. I’ve always loved the poetry of this title, it seems to imply that in the midst of living we are all ghosts, constantly in a state of transition.

Walking With Ji-Jang is also a track built around a field recording, one that I made on my father-in-law’s property in Indiana. I placed the tape recorder on a bridge that he built over a creek, connecting his yard to the woods behind his house. The significance of this bridge to me represents the passing from the domestic, tame world of a familiar shore to the unknown wilderness beyond. After Rick died my son and I created a small Ji-Jang Bosal statue made from boulders, which is a tradition in Korean and Japanese Mahayana Buddhism. We placed this memorial at the entrance of the bridge and we bow to it every time we pass by on our walks into the woods.

Ji-Jang Bosal’s name means “Earth Store.” The myth says that he takes care of everyone in the six worlds that exist between Sogamonibul (the historical Buddha) and Maitreyabul (the future Buddha). He travels the sub-world realms saving all beings. In statues, he has a staff in his right hand that is adorned with rattles and bells to warn smaller beings so they don’t get trampled under foot. He is also known as a guardian of children and travellers. The title of this piece references the Spaceman 3 song, Walking With Jesus.” 

Cat. number: Granny 20
Year: 2020

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