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File under: analogue synth

Carlos Giffoni



Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

In stock


Pressed in an edition of 250 copies on 200 gram virgin clear vinyl. A new studio LP from this synth maverick. Primordial dance music comprised of pulsating analog rhythms and austere waves of mechanical tones. With beginnings in laptop electronics and his focus now turned toward analog synthesizers and modular manipulation, results vary from the extreme to the beautiful. Photography by Rachael Cassells.

"...the impression of countless banks of machinery being flicked into operation and the distinctive hum of each slowly merging and separating... It’s power electronics stripped back to the copper wires." – Derek Walmsley, THE WIRE.

"...pleasing slow burn, something meditative more than malevolent." – Adam Strohm, DUSTED.

File under: analogue synth
Cat. number: spring 10
Year: 2010