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Tropical Syndroms - excerpt 1
Tropical Syndroms - excerpt 2
Tropical Syndroms - excerpt 3

Thé Déluge

Tropical Syndroms

Label: Umor Rex

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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**100 copies** Tropical Syndroms is the second album by Thé Déluge, a.k.a. Vincent Caylet, also known as Cankun (Not Not Fun / Hands in the Dark). Like his debut album Forest Structures (Umor Rex, 2017), this new installment is an amalgam of sounds generated through multiple devices and analog synthesizers, loops and layers creating an incredible mix of textures, sounds that can almost be touched.

In Caylet’s work, there is always a certain familiarity in the tones, there is an implicit nature present, an ancient ecosystem that evokes somewhat ghostly landscapes, intrinsically friendly, subtle and sweet, concrete and sharp. Tropical Syndroms is one piece lasting almost 38 minutes, a cinematic trip inspired by Asian films. One single piece with many different atmospheres, but with one unified idea leading to a melancholic statement.

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