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The Beginning of Nothing - excerpt 1
The Beginning of Nothing - excerpt 2
The Beginning of Nothing - excerpt 3

Yves Malone

The Beginning of Nothing

Label: Umor Rex

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

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**100 copies** In just a few years and with a handful of releases, the Canadian producer better known as Yves Malone has earned himself a reputation. In The Beginning of Nothing he continues working with many layers of analog synths and a keen sense of drum machines to create atmospheres and textures extracted from late twentieth-century collective fears of a dystopian future.

Created as a sort of score to an internal elegy, Yves Malone creates soundtracks of the daily fear, regret, and resignation that is his waking life, an effort to isolate and negate this anxiety, which is a constant and unwanted companion. Sequenced on mostly working vintage gear, The Beginning of Nothing tries to extricate a bit of beauty from a rapidly darkening landscape.

Cat. number: UR123CS
Year: 2020

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