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Ashley Paul

Line the clouds


Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Experimental

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Multi-faceted composer and performer Ashley Paul releases her new lp 'line the clouds', on brooklyn's rel records. a hyper-intuitive record, where off-kilter instrumentation meets beautifully crafted melodies to convey the very essence of 'musicality', 'Line the clouds' contains 44.18 minutes of sonic paradoxes and dichotomies. Stirring up a zephyr of twelve blissfully cacophonous sounds - singular moments of an indivisible whole the focus is on guitar, voice and saxophone, but Ashley also employs everything from flute, clarinet, guitar, bells, percussion and prepared strings in her melodic endeavours which simultaneously plugs in the ghost of american song. From 'wide expanse\' - where high-pitched reeds and whistles collide with richer tones and ashley's fragile voice - through the simple, sparkling beauty of the lp's title track with the guitar at the helm and the multi-vocal flutterings of watch them pass', there's also the freeing experimentalism and atonal clatter of feb.21'  a song which ably immortalises a feeling of stomach churning anguish and the album's gentle, abstract finale you're a feeling'. This brooklyn based artist is at the vanguard of the new wave of music currently rippling through the city where opposing strains of style and sound work in unison. in addition to her solo projects, ashley plays saxophone and clarinet with anthony coleman as a duo and as part of his damaged quartet. with longtime musical partner eli keszler as aster (both of which appear on line the clouds), she also performs as Aster, with Sakiko Mori as Paul & Maurey and with Geoff Mullen and Keszler as Oxtirn. Ashley has also performed or recorded with artists including Loren Connors, Roscoe Mitchell, Aki Onda, Joe Maneri, Greg Kelley, Phill Niblock, Joe Morris, Seijiro murayama, Ran Blake, Bill Nace and Charles Cohen. She received a masters of music from New England conservatory in 2007. 


Cat. number: Rel020
Year: 2013

'Line the clouds' will be available as a limited edition lp with a heavy jacket, on colored vinyl with a custom sealed package and a hand embossed inner sleeve of ashley's animal drawings which comes with a digital download, in addition to a stand alone digital version.

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