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Kawabata Makoto & Anla Courtis

live at Namba Bears


Format: Vinyl LP

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Acid Mothers leader and Reynols legend meet once again for a wild psych out explosion! Kawabata and Courtis previously worked together on 2006's Kokura for Riot Season, here they return for a raging trip of psychedelic noise rock recorded in February 2011, in Osaka, Japan. Both Kawabata and Courtis are playing guitar, but with Anla bringing tapes and vocals to the mix and Makoto bow and effects. Namba Lightbeam, the first of two 20 minute pieces, opens with a eastern sounding drone sound, much like some of Kawabata's solo work, it steadily builds into a torrent of slashing guitar riffs, eventually returning to a more minimal sound even with a more signature Acid Mothers guitar sound from Makoto at one point with zoned vocal drones from Anla. This continues onto side B with Inaudible Bears, with a distorted echoey haze of effects and riffs, layered over one another. This side continues to fluctuate between minimal riffs and blasts of noisier guitar destruction. Limited to 300 copies pressed on 180 gram heavyweight virgin vinyl, 100 copies of which are exclusive to direct mailorder customers pressed on Yellow splatter vinyl. Packaged in a very fitting insane sleeve featuring absolutely wild artwork. Purchase from Bandcamp includes immediate download of the album.

Cat. number: BRR240
Year: 2013
Genre: Rock

Limited 150 copies