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Fausto Balbo


Label: Afe

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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When, years ago, I read Herman Hesse's "Steppenwolf" I was struck by a part of the novel... Harry Haller, the main character, is walking through a passage with endless doors. As he opens each door he is thrown into a new, unknown, mysterious dimension; a life between the real and the virtual world.
"Login" is an imaginary journey through the web, where one can explore new realities - or different views of well known stuff - on a thin line between truth and fiction.
For this sound project I've used only a modular virtual synth: the swedish Nord Modular G2 (Clavia), in its free software version. With regard to the hardware version, it's monophonic and missing some modules: FM operators, Internal CC MIDI generator, Vocoder and inputs for external signal processing. With some creativity you can experiment with unlimited combinations to obtain a huge variety of different sounds.
To describe this sound trip I've tried to recreate soundscapes from several eras: the pioneers of electronic music with their multiple shades, 1970s Kosmische Musik, up to the "clicks" and "crackles" typical of our digital times.
The whole experience is infused with a bit of melody which, though suffocated, we usually search for with our overeducated ears.
In the tracks "Hi Mr. Kemp" and "Will Future Man Develop a Third Ear?" I used DPOAE (Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions). Otoacoustic Emissions are spontaneous emissions inside the human ear; they are routinely utilized in hearing tests, through stimulus such as DPOAE.
Those with normal hearing, upon listening to these two tracks, should experience a sensation similar to a "buzzing", as though there was a mosquito inside their head - although less annoying and certainly not dangerous in any way.
For optimal listening, a room with little background noise and a layout as indicated in the diagram on the left is advised, without the use of headphones of any kind. Turning your head during playback, you can also experience a sensation of sound modulation."
Fausto Balbo's meandering trip through the web began long ago, so long ago in fact that once it used to open with the unmistakable sound of a modem dialing up. By now that modem has disappeared, obsolete and pointless due to advances in technology and speed in Internet connection.
However, for "Login", the artist didn't let himself get caught up in haste and kept working on his tracks until they reached the optimal point, found here in this CD.
Since this work is inspired by the Internet, it is worth noting that all sounds were created exclusively using a single downloaded free software.
Along the way, Fausto discovered the marvels of DPOAE and now - as if the rest wasn't enough - it's time for us to be impressed by the sonic inputs of those two particular tracks which seem to generate inside ourselves and then surround us in a thick sensory spiral.
Few musicians in Italy can display a knowledge about sound matter that equals the one expressed by Fausto Balbo in this work: though his research will continue as always, this CD is a milestone of great value.
Cat. number: afe130cd
Year: 2012

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