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Five Elements Music

Lokrum Patterns

Label: Unfathomless

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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"The Unfathomless Series returns with another pair of fine releases, whose moods are polar opposites. Five Elements Music‘s lokrum patterns draws the listener in, while Stéphane Marin’s Invisible(s) Archipelago(s) n°1 – Serendib rhythms contains sounds that many would choose to avoid. Croatia’s Lokrum Island is a beautiful paradise of coves, beaches and azure green waters. But there’s a down side as well: it’s awfully close to shore. As such, it’s a wonderful getaway that too many people know about. This is the problem that Sergey Suhovic (Five Elements Music) encountered when he visited the island looking for unspoiled sonorities. Amazingly, he was able to find quite a few. Blending these with recordings from the other, even busier shore, he was able to weave together a pair of gorgeous soundscapes that beckon like that offshore paradise: seemingly so far away, yet well within reach. Cicadas sing their harmonious songs while unidentified birds cry and waves lap against the shore. An occasional speedboat is heard, or perhaps just a distant hum. As the volume increases, so does the intrigue; how different is this bustle from that of Dubrovnik?
lokrum patterns underlines the difference between expectation and reality, especially when it comes to the paradises we carry around in our minds. We picture our island vacations as quiet, peaceful, pristine. Many view them as a break from the rat race, or even from humanity itself. Yet we share the same dreams, and arrive at our destinations realizing that many others have come to be alone. Not that Lokrum Island is crowded; but neither is it deserted. The beauty of this recording is that it also affirms the fact that we do want to preserve certain local environments as a way of saying that we believe in them, and need them. The very fact that Suhovic is able to make such an alluring recording is proof that the local community values what the island represents: peace can be found a boat ride away." (A Closer listen)

Cat. number: U38
Year: 2016