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Anthony Pasquarosa

Magic and Warmth at Christmastime (LP)

Label: Vin Du Select Qualitite

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

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Vin Du Select Qualitite's resident mystic Anthony Pasquarosa conjures up the holiday spirits with an alchemically enchanted collection of Christmas classics. Utilizing his unique 12-string acoustic guitar sensibilities, Pasquarosa's versions of all-time favorites such as Frosty the Snowman and White Christmas take on an added dimension and shine, a frosted winter glow that sets the mood for warmly introspective holiday moments. Throughout the record, crackling fireplace sounds run alongside the tracks to provide further ambiance and seasonal merriment. Raise a cup of eggnog with Magic and Warmth at Christmastime.   

Cat. number: VDSQ 026LP
Year: 2019

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