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Sir Richard Bishop

Solo Acoustic Volume Eight

Label: Vin Du Select Qualitite

Format: LP

Genre: Folk

Out of stock

2015 restock. "First new solo acoustic recordings from the master guitarist in years, SRB returns to familiar themes and introduces new ideas simultaneously on this tour de force performance of his singular style."

"Need flamenco picking on the streets, but Jungian consciousness symbols in the sheets? Sleepy & even polite on the surface, due to SRB borrowing someone's very un-Andalusian acoustic while staying by Lake Geneva in Switzerland for several months to work with a dance troupe. Underneath, there's still plenty of violent gang battles, as SRB's various improv takeoff platforms (that run back to Improvika's 'Mystic Minor 23' & Django's 'Echoes of Spain') slowly bleed out into one huge song. Points if you notice the two-second spot that almost slips into the opening of 'Pinball Wizard'" Weirdo Records

Cat. number: VDSQ 008LP
Year: 2015