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Carte Blanche - excerpt 1
Carte Blanche - excerpt 2
Carte Blanche - excerpt 3
Carte Blanche - excerpt 4

Karkhana, Nadah El Shazly, Sir Richard Bishop, W. David Oliphant

Carte Blanche (LP)

Label: Unrock

Format: LP

In stock


It took more than just some time and imagination to believe that 'Carte Blanche' , this piece of astonishing contemporary music by some of the most talented and able musicians of the international avant-circuit, could be realized. Karkhana, a highly explosive mostly Middle Eastern / Mediterranean ensemble - Sam Shalabi Land of Kush, Shalabi Effect, Dwarfs of East Agouza), Sharif Sehnaoui (“A” Trio), Michael Zerang (Peter Brötzmann, Hamid Drake, Jaap Blonk, Vandermark, etc.) Mazen Kerbaj (“A” Trio), Maurice Louca (Dwarfs of East Agouza), Tony Elieh, Umut Caglar (Konstrukt) - is weaving a tapestry of sound for Egyptian songstress Nadah El Shazly’s voice to slide deep into. On the other side, two Grand Seigneurs of  underground, Ex-Sun City Girls and Rangda guitar whirlwind Richard Bishop and W. David Oliphant (Maybe Mental) play it loud. Far Eastern Post Industrial. Very heavy, sharp and crystal clear.  Ripe. 'Carte Blanche' is released as a one-time pressing on 140g. black vinyl.


"Throughout the past few years Unrock’s Saraswati Series became fairly well known for exceedingly well curated and elegantly presented records, pairing hand-picked artists to showcase their musical excellence. Collecting duo recordings of Sir Richard Bishop and W. David Oliphant on one side and the Eastern psychedelic/free-jazz outfit Karkhana graced by the vocal extravaganza of Nadah El Shazly on the other the latest edition of the Saraswati Series easily adds to the high-quality standards of the label’s catalogue. Fearless creativity, boundless experimentalism and discreet craftmanship melted into haunting and hypnotic music. Easier said than done but seemingly effortless delivered on “Carte Blanche”. Voilà!" (Holger Adam)

Cat. number: UnrockLP013
Year: 2019
Genre: Jazz