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Sir Richard Bishop and Ed Yazijian - excerpt 1
Sir Richard Bishop and Ed Yazijian - excerpt 2

Sir Richard Bishop, Ed Yazijian

Sir Richard Bishop and Ed Yazijian (LP)

Label: Unrock

Format: LP

Genre: Experimental

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Yet another luxurious spectacle from the Saraswati Series. Ex-Sun City Girls master guitarist Richard Bishop teams up with Cul De Sac’s long time Girls live collaborator Ed Yazijian. Two Grand Seigneurs of underground deliver an unique album deeply Western rooted, filled with the musical spirit and structures of Indian music at the same time. Elegant interplay, brilliantly arranged, using mostly guitar (lapsteel, tenor) and strings (viola), and some Indian stringed instrument which I can’t pronounce, and some piano… A classic Saraswati Series sonic adventure. A contemporary polaroid, state of the art in today’s underground music. Three untitled pieces which came up right Unrock’s alley. Limited edition one time pressing on 140g black vinyl.

Cat. number: LP016
Year: 2019

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