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    Sir Richard Bishop

    Polytheistic Fragments

    Label: Drag City

    Format: Vinyl LP

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    Last copies: as a member of SUN CITY GIRLS & co-founder of the Sublime Frequencies label, he's a comfortable traveler in the vast landscape of ethno-musical tradition & renowned for his prowess & mastery w/ the guitar, but the piano playing shows a fluid, meditative style. In a record w/ so many spirits, Bishop fills in the space where necessary & rounds out the feeling w/ catchy tunes. This shows that the divinely inspired Sir Richard Bishop cannot be contained in one form.
    " Fragments is a spectacular showcase of Bishop's multi-dimensional talents. Here we get fast-picked folk, Django Reinhardt-worthy gypsy tunes, Chet Atkins-style ditties, Hindi-influenced melodies, and a lode of other, less classifiable stuff. Interestingly, this catholic approach is closest in tone to Bishop's actual solo debut, 1998's Salvador Kali, which also freely rolled his polygonal sonic dice. But even compared to that stellar release, Fragments is remarkably kaleidoscopic." Pitchforkmedia
    Cat. number: dc349lp
    Year: 2008