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Sir Richard Bishop


Label: Ideologic Organ

Format: Vinyl LP

Genre: Electronic

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I met Richard in 2004 on a crazy tour in Australia (Oren Ambarchi's last What is Music?). He was a founding member of The Sun City Girls but he came out to play solo. Instantly we were entranced by his playing, so many beautiful elements of why I love guitar come through in his music and presence, without floating around in genre space at all. Here on the road with Kevin Drumm, Dead C, Residents, Gang Gang Dance, Black Dice, etc amongst this insane lineup Richard ended up supporting Pan Sonic and really held it down, as a soloist. A few years later Peter Rehberg and I (as KTL) were invited to join a tour Richard was doing with EARTH. His incredible communication of atmosphere and texture was even more fluid than I remembered a real pleasure. If the reason to start a record label is to release the music you are truly enamored by, this is a true example of that philosophy. Stephen O'Malley, Paris 2012. All songs composed & recorded by Richard Bishop. Master & vinyl cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin April 2012. Photo by Ronald Dick. All Songs published by Karakoram Publishing (BMI). Originally self released on CDR by Sir Richard Bishop 2011.
Cat. number: SOMA010
Year: 2012
Originally self released on CDR by Sir Richard Bishop 2011.

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