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Bitter Balls - excerpt 1
Bitter Balls - excerpt 2
Bitter Balls - excerpt 3


Bitter Balls (LP)

Label: Unrock

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

In stock


Bitter Balls – the second full length studio album from mostly Middle Eastern supergroup Karkhana, features members of Dwarfs of East Agouza, „A“Trio, Konstrukt, Chicago Tentet, Land of Kush among others – shows the ongoing incredible progression and artistic flow the group is currently working under. Four new fine tuned compositions of crystal clear and deep, dark, distorted unrock – electric and acoustic. The cross between old school and contemporary oriental free-jazz sounds and western improve-prog. Ripe fruits of love and wisdom. Deluxe sleeve, limited edition one time pressing. Mastered for vinyl by Harris Newman, sleeve design wizardry extraordinaire by Mazen Kerbaj.

The ensemble: Sharif Sehnaoui : electric guitar / Sam Shalabi : electric guitar, oud / Michael Zerang : drums, percussion / Mazen Kerbaj : trumpet, electronics / Maurice Louca : organ / Tony Elieh : electric bass / Umut Caglar: zurna, guimbri, percussion.

Cat. number: LP017
Year: 2020

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