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The Residents

Meet The Residents : preserved edition (2Cd)

Label: Cryptic Corp.

Format: 2xCD

Genre: Psych

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2 disc special edition of the classic debut album in both mono & stereo mixes plus over 20 previously unreleased tracks! Expanded reissue of the Residents' classic debut originally released on Ralph Records in 1974. The whole, bizarre Residents trip started here (at least officially). Mixing everything from Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart to Raymond Scott and Sun Ra in the world's most bizarre blender, this one is the place to start in the wild and weird world of the Residents.

Produced with the involvement of The Cryptic Corporation, and with full access to the band's extensive tape archive, this package explores and expands the classic debut album and related 1972-1973 material. Including both mono and stereo mixes of Meet The Residents, alternate versions of classic tracks, experimental recordings and long-lost unreleased material, this is The Residents as we've always wanted to hear them. Remastered, expanded, and pREServed for future generations -- this is the first in a series of archival Residents reissues that will continue throughout 2018 and beyond."

Cat. number: MVD5139LP
Year: 2018