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Memoria Aumentada - Excerpt 1
Memoria Aumentada - Excerpt 2
Memoria Aumentada - Excerpt 3
Memoria Aumentada - Excerpt 4

Druuna Jaguar

Memoria Aumentada (Tape)

Label: Robert & Leopold

Format: Tape

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

* Edition of 80. Very last copies. * Druuna Jaguar, the musical project of Portuguese sound artist Jorge Mantas, has always shifted its presentation based on the project's immediate surrounding, no matter how involved or abstract. A majority of the output by Druuna Jaguar is somewhat hard to come by, as most is released (and distributed solely from the small medieval enclave of Évora, Portugal) in rare limited editions through Mantas own experimental label, Atelier 5-7-5, standing alongside rare recordings by Grim, Vomir and Hatsune Kaidan.

Memória Aumentada is a dramatic pivot from visceral noise as a focal point. Each composition has Druuna Jaguar supplementing his electronic palate in favor of manipulated field recordings, which act as a personal memoir of reflection on the aesthetics of rural life in Portugal.
Recorded and composed by Jorge Mantas in Évora, Portugal in 2019. Cover drawing by Margarida Garcia.

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Year: 2020