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Second souffle

Label: Brocoli

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Brocoli will release Second Souffle, the second album of the trio ON (distribution : Metamkine, Cod&S, Ear-Rational). ON was born in July 2003 with the meeting of Chicago-based Steven Hess and French musician Sylvain Chauveau when they joined for a lowercase improv session recorded by Jeremy Lemos (member of White-Light, collaborator of Jim O'Rourke, Town and Country, Sonic Youth...). Their first album, 'Your Naked Ghost Comes Back At Night' was mixed by Helge Sten aka Deathprod, the illustrious member-producer of Supersilent, and then released in 2004 by French label Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier. The album appeared as a brilliant collection of dense, monochromatic layers. Second Souffle is now built upon the same recording session, but with new mixes and editing by French musician Pierre-Yves Macé (Sub Rosa, Tzadik). The album is a slick display of ambient, improv and concrete music; a rich electro-acoustic composition made of piano, prepared guitar, vibes and percussion. It has the post-rock surgical flair of early Pluramon along with the sumptuous cadences of Gastr del Sol's Upgrade & Afterlife. ON has played live in the USA, France, Italy, Austria and Germany. The duo even joined Christian Fennesz for the 2004 edition of the French Musique Action festival.
Cat. number: Brocoli 003
Year: 2007