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Misrepresenting Memory - excerpt 1
Misrepresenting Memory - excerpt 2
File under: Improvising

Tetuzi Akiyama

Misrepresenting Memory

Label: Hitorri

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

** 200 copies** A solo album by guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama, who carries out an energetic performance schedule in and out of Japan. Amazingly, this is his first solo album since the 2008 release of "The Ancient Balance to Control Death" on the U.S. label Western Vinyl. That album included both acoustic guitar and singing, so "Misrepresenting Memory" is actually Akiyama's first instrumental solo album with guitar in 13 years, since the release of the CD-R "Terrifying Street Trees" in January 2006 on the Portuguese label Esquilo Records. "Misrepresenting Memory" consists of one piece (31 min. 27 sec.) performed in concert at the Tokyo venue Apollo on December 14, 2018. The performance—using electric guitar and tape echo—was recorded directly to cassette tape. Making full use of soft, lo-fi tones and distorted choppy sounds, this extremely high-quality work is a fascinating expression of Akiyama's musical artistry.

File under: Improvising
Cat. number: hitorri-887
Year: 2019

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