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As members of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo continue to pump the most radical tenets of American experimentalism into the heart of rock music; in recent years they have also extended their reputations as world- class improvisErs. French phenom Jean-Marc Montera records for the legendary FMP label, and has collaborated with an amazing host of free-music luminaries, including Evan Parker, Paul Lovens and Han Bennink. However it is the keening blues wail of Loren Mazzacane Connors that leads this expedition of electric guitars to the furthest reaches of a vast, cinematic soundscape. Recorded by Martin Stumpf (Phillip Glass, David Bowie) at Sonic Youth's Echo Canyon Studios, NYC. "This is great improvised music. It is beautiful and complex and, most importantly, it _breathes_. As good and as moving as anything you'll hear this year." --John Fahey
Cat. number: XER-CD- 99, nza 02
Year: 2008