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Tim Hecker

Mort aux vaches

Label: Staalplaat

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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Tim Hecker is not be confused with Mego's Florian Hecker, but is rather the alter ego of techno maverick Jetone. As Jetone he has released a full length for Pitch cadet aswell as the brand new cd Ultamarin for Force Tracks. There are certainly similarities to the likes of Angelo Badlementi, Fennesz, Gas and Oval, but overall the sound is incredibly unique. Tim Hecker has managed to create some of the most memorable ambient music in the last few years. Much like the Austrian guitar-lap top experimentalist Fennesz, Hecker has perfected the art of catchy experimental ambient music. Tim Hecker-Jetone has performed at the very prestigious Mutek event alongside Goem and Mikael Stavostrand, as well as shows with Tomas Jirku, Sutech, Manitoba, Mitchell Akiyama, Akufin, Marumari, Deadbeat and Kim Cascone.
Cat. number: ST MAVTH
Year: 2004

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