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Haunt Me, Haunt Me Do It Again

Label: ALIEN8

Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Electronic

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Restocked, edition is limited to 750 copies. Tim Hecker needs much less of an introduction today than he did when he released his debut recording Haunt Me nearly ten years ago; he now easily holds his own with top tier electronic artists from around the world. Despite its age the album remains interesting and vital. While not nearly as complex as more recent outings such as Harmony in Ultraviolet and Imaginary Country, it gives a very clear view into the artist’s approach and style. Haunt Me is a beautifully arranged record that sees nine compositions spread out over twenty tracks that have been woven together to form one long extended piece of music. This method has become standard on the recordings by Hecker that followed Haunt Me and is an excellent method to deeply immerse the listener into the work. At the time of Haunt Me’s release, Pitchfork championed Tim Hecker as one of North America’s best kept secrets, scoring Haunt Me an impressive 8.6 on 10, and they have continued to support the artist’s endeavors ever since.


Cat. number: alien89lp
Year: 2010
Edition of 750 copies. Clear vinyl with gatefold sleeve.

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