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Music for checking e-mails

Label: Col Legno

Format: CDx2

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Good news from your mailbox! Mitterer makes music on the subject of ambient in an electronic environment. Two amazing CDs with radical backgrounds.
Mitterer’s CD in hand is about background music as a relative term, it’s about communicating via ›electronic post‹, it’s about the missing link between analog and digital ambient environments. Because Mitterer creates his instruments and then uses them in a unique way, electronic music for him has a unique vocabulary, one which in this day and age of ready made software, social networks, and web 2.0 music applications, is all too rare.
Wolfgang Mitterer is a »missing link«, a unique artist drifting to and fro between classic instrumentations and electronics. He has been raised at the organ, then fallen in love with the synthesizer, written music for orchestra on paper and composed on digital audio workstations: the range of sound worlds he has traveled so far, with brilliant results, encompasses classical instrumentations, tape-decks and state-of-the-art computers. In this production the communicative gesture of “checking e-mails” symbolizes the long overdue restatement of the question how ambient and contemporary music are to be reconciled today.
Cat. number: WWE2CD 20289
Year: 2011
Genre: Electronic