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Music Of The Modern White


Format: Vinyl LP

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2009 issue "The album begins with a percussion intro that sounds more like a gunfight than any sort of recognisable drumming routine, and continues to get weirder and weirder from there on. New York avant-garde-ists Zs might be seen as a kind of post-modern free-jazz ensemble, combining sax, guitars and live kit sounds with all the tumult of contemporary electronic drone music. This LP absorbs the impact of no-wave, industrial music, Merzbow and (on the ornate rhythmic figures of 'MMW II') even Moondog, blurting out the by-product as a technicolour futuristic dissonance. Despite having its clearest origins in jazz, Music Of The Modern White is more extreme than most full-on blistering noise albums, and its wild reeds and grating tonal deconstructions make for a most refreshing foil to the everyday inundation of pop music's recycling tendencies." Boomkat

Cat. number: TSR071
Year: 2009
Genre: Jazz
File under: Improvised Music