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Andrew Lisle, Colin Webster, Dirk Serries, John Dikeman


Label: A New Wave Of Jazz

Format: CD

Genre: Jazz

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**300 copies, 2019 stock** "Apparitions, unlike the volatile spirit of Live at Café OTO, stresses a different approach for this set of four collaborative free improvisations. Here the four musicians explore a kind of a slow-cooking interplay, a calm and conversational one. Apparitions begins and ends with the minimalist I and IV, where all restrain their playing to low whispers, skeletal guitar lines and brushing of the cymbals, building the tension tension patiently and methodically until reaching a brief and fierce climaxes. II and III up the temperature and emphasize an immediate and edgy free-associative interplay. Serries acts as the backbone of the quartet, sculpting their course with commanding metallic-resonating, economic lines that offer a thematic bridge between the restless sax outbursts of Dikeman and Webster and the sparse and fractured pulse of Lisle." - Free Jazz Collective

John Dikeman : tenor saxophone
Andrew Lisle : drums
Dirk Serries : electric guitar
Colin Webster : baritone saxophone
Performed at Soundsavers, London (UK) on April 2nd 2015. Recorded by Alex Clegg. Mixed & mastered by Dirk Serries.

Cat. number: NWOJ011
Year: 2016

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