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File under: Ambient

Troum, Aidan Baker

Nihtes niht

Label: Alone At Last

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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'The music supposed to be a soundtrack for lonely ice-soundscapes... when you stand there on lonely wide inhuman places and feel lost, but you still stand on ice...' - Baraka[H] The newest collaboration between masters of evocative noise/drone ambient is divided into four long tracks, four directions of nothing. The tracks are entitled in middle age
indo-german language, for north, east, south, west. And the album title means nothing from nothing - very weird notion, as it doesn't exist anymore in actual german language. Recorded in March 2011 at GHUTTO-M studios in Bremen, Germany. Limited edition of 500 copies in special packaging - custom made of glossy paper with multicolor metallic print, assembled by hand. Comes with the set of 11 postcards mixing the computer generated images and photos of ink/light paintings created in conjunction with music to expand your impression.

File under: Ambient
Cat. number: aal 4
Year: 2013

These four directions of nothing were recorded in March 2011 in Bremen, Germany.

Thanks to Stas Muklinow for the exceptional inspiration.

Limited edition of 500 copies. First 50 copies are signed by the artists.
Release comes in special packaging, assembled by hand, and also includes 11 colour prints (one of them with Baraka[H]'s quote, four with song titles, and six with arts). Some copies also have promo insert.