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See Through - excerpt 1
See Through - excerpt 2
Three Knocks - excerpt 1

Aidan Baker, Faith Coloccia, Jon Mueller

See Through (LP)

Label: Gizeh Records

Format: LP

In stock

Limited edition of 300 copies. White/Clear splatter vinyl, housed in a heavyweight 350gsm, matte-finished sleeve. See Through is a new collaboration between Aidan Baker (Nadja), Faith Coloccia (Mamiffer, Mara, Sige Records) and renowned percussionist Jon Mueller. "The project was brought to life through Baker exploring textural rhythms created by sampling small, sharp and abrupt sounds on the electric guitar and then sequencing them in a drum machine to form the bedrock of the tracks. Mueller then added his particular, signature brand of intricate, hypnotic percussion to the mix and the compositions began to grow and take shape. The pair agreed that the pieces needed a more human touch and Coloccia was invited onboard, contributing processed vocals via looping, tape manipulation and microphone feedback.

The result is an other-worldly record that seamlessly flows from beginning to end, immersing the listener in waves of ambient movements and soporific beats. There is a trance-inducing aspect to this work, deserving to be consumed in one sitting and allowed to manifest itself for the duration. The trio have crafted a piece of work that stands up to the quality and integrity of their combined back catalogues and indeed adds something completely new for fans to discover and devour."
Cat. number: GZH088LP
Year: 2019

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