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Goh Lee Kwang

New Ear

Label: Herbal Records

Format: CD

Genre: Electronic

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With this new album, Melmac reveals a new maturity gained in the course of three French and european tours that have enabled the group to initiate a major part of the ideas presented here through extensive improvisation sessions on stage in the spirit of the instant composing sessions ran by Kraut Rock bands during the psychedelics years. These new experiments have opened the artistic spectrum of the band to new horizons clearly rock, heavy, trippy or noise reminiscent of bands like Sleep or Skullflower (.. and reconciling the band members with their teens rocked to the sound of Thrash Metal and Black Sabbath ...) but still leaving open wide moments close to ambient and repetitive music, not far from the solo work of someone like Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Titles like Le désert avance or soldat, the closing song of the record, a kind of a long bad trip, sealed and inhabited, might be the showpieces. To enhance the coherence of the project, the group wanted to create a packaging equally tortured and epic via a disc vynil whose design was entrusted to their friend Ogrob (Member of Sun Plexus 2). The vynil is accompanied by a CD copy for the most addicted to digital.' label info

Cat. number: NECD1
Year: 2013

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