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Seijiro Murayama

Broken iteration

Label: Herbal Records

Format: CDx2

Genre: Electronic

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The Japanese percussion player who lives in Europe has three fields of interest: 1, non-idiomatic improvisation (that includes idiomatic researches about it, or workshops on it). 2, electro acoustic composition. 3, plural disciplinary collaboration (with words, images, body movements etc) and it would seem to me that these four pieces here are a combination of 1 and 2. [] Murayama's playing is very minimal and we do recognize indeed the element of percussion instruments, and Murayama explores his instruments with great care. It has a fine meditative character this music and it explores in depth the textures of the instruments. Murayama doesn't use his drum parts as a drum kit, but plays one or two separate elements with brushes, sticks or objects and explores them.' FdW in Vital

Cat. number: concrete 1303
Year: 2013

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