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Stroomtoon II

Label: Herbal Records

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

In December 2011, I recorded the album Stroomtoon, which was released by the French Nuun label the year after. The music was constructed using recordings from improvisations with a setup that I was trying out for upcoming live performances. It's actually the same setup that I still use nowadays, consisting of an old Phillips analogue tone generator and a selection of effects pedals. The Stroomtoon album still feels like an accomplishment. It's layered, subtle and considered, but I wanted to see if I could try a rougher sound, to capture the exhilaration I sometimes feel when performing live. So I recorded more material, picked out the best moments, and edited them without adding too much post-production. This time I really tried to keep things pure and even a bit raucous. When the labels Fake Jazz and Superior Standards asked me to release material on lathe cut singles, I knew this would be perfect for the music I was working on. The length limitation of a 7-inch worked nicely for these pieces, creating to-the-point, rounded off stories in barely four minutes, with no room for bullshit. Music that's in a way simple but effective, maybe even with some sort of 'pop-sensibility', if I dare say so... After making these six Stroomtoon tracks and having them released on extremely limited lathe cuts, I realised what a shame it was that they were so limited, and that they weren't gathered on one medium, like the first Stroomtoon album. With the extra value of having them in a much better sound quality then the lathes, I decided to compile them on this cd, adding two other tracks that were released on lathe as well, my personal favorites 'Kreupelhout' and 'Toendra', and the track 'Stroop', that was made for a compilation. These extra tracks fitted perfectly with the new Stroomtoon material, and altogether, it doesn't sound like a mishmash, but delivers a coherent listening experience. Then there's the art of Rebecca Norton. She got in contact when I was working on the material. Browsing her website, her 'the affine(s): small paintings' series immediately struck me as perfectly fitting the music I was working on. They're spiky, concentrated shapes felt like perfect visualizations of the Stroomtoon tracks. And that's when all fell into place.' Audio CD, 6 panels digipak.

Cat. number: concrete 1301
Year: 2013

 All tracks were previously released on 7-inch lathe cuts by Champion Version, Superior Standards and Fake Jazz, except 'Stroop', which appeared on the compilation Antibothis 4.

 Many thanks to Goh Lee Kwang, Adam Barringer, Philippe Petit and Rebecca Norton.

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