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Cristián Alvear, Seijiro Murayama


Label: Potlatch

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Cristián Alvear, guitar, Seijiro Murayamapercussion. Recorded in Mishima (Japan), October 2016. In this recording entitled Karoujite (a japanese word meaning “scarcely”), Cristián Alvear and Seijiro Murayama are deeply involved in a minimalist and repetitive mode of playing. Each of them focuses on continuously playing same chords on the guitar, and rubbing the cymbal or hitting the snare drum. Listeners are invited to discover a kind of nonlinear and nearly static music. They can feel a sort of time expansion, with spaces full of multiple interacting frequencies vanishing and rising again and again. Cristián Alvear is a prominent Chilean guitarist working mainly within the field of contemporary experimental music. He is known for performing works written by Wandelweiser composers such as Antoine Beuger, Jurg Frey and Michael Pisaro. Seijiro Murayama is a japanese percussionist who has been working, as an improviser, particularly in France with Jean-Luc GuionnetPascal Battus, Stéphane Rives and Dedalus Ensemble.

Cat. number: p217
Year: 2017