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Sunburned Hand Of The Man

No Magic Man


Format: CD

Genre: Rock

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Finally, we have managed to track down copies of one of the most revered Sunburned Hand of the Man records in existence. Originally pressed up by the prestigious Arthur magazine's own imprint, this handmade reissue (straight from the Sunburned Men themselves) takes the factory made cd and plonks it in a very plush gatefold hard-cover with handprinted artwork. 'No-Magic Man' was the first time that the band submitted a truly coherent album, prior to this their cds although insanely good were more abstract, more tripped out and far less obviously primed for repeat listening. Here we see the band condense their ideas perfectly, splicing all their strands of influence together to create 53 minutes of pure listening pleasure. Cut with oddball samples and spoken word sections 'No-Magic Man' is a blues-funk-flecked work out, much in the same vein as their Anatomy Vol.1 record, but has enough experimental improv drone experiments and tribal percussion to keep the even most dedicated wyrd psych followers salivating for the duration. Sunburned are in the studio with Four Tet this week, things are already bubbling up into the mainstream so grab hold fast...
Cat. number: Arthur 002
Year: 2004

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