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Sunburned Hand Of The Man

Week-end at Burnie\'s

Label: NO-FI

Format: Vinyl 7”

Genre: Experimental

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Another vital instalment in no-fi's growing and collectable vinyl catalogue, this 7' sees massachussets' freestyle kraut funketeers sunburned hand of the man condense their name and a whole album concept into 7' of vital vinyl. side 1 is inhabited by the murderous bossa nova of Ôsmokescreen', with its loping bassline and trapped-in-a-box vocal paranoia. then flip over for 7 more unhinged instalments, through the found-sound and minimal psych of Ôthe queen of midnight', the faux cult frenzy of 'jesus', oddball sampledelia and a looseness that conjures a mental image of the band simultaneously lauding and ridiculing out-rock's greatest clichés. this is a slice of classic sunburned, with their trademark lo-fi stylings and added low-rent moondog-esque rhythm programmes giving it the air of a secretly recorded jam session at the manson ranch. or is it a spoof? or a spoof of a spoof? you never quite know this is another of no-fi's trademark hand-stamped jukebox sleeve 7's, with classic centre label art by sarah o'shea. there are only 500 copies and its gonna go quick, so get your orders in!
Cat. number: manhand 56
Year: 2008

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