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Label: NO-FI

Format: Vinyl 7”

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Limited to 500 copies. another vital instalment in no-fi's growing and collectable vinyl catalogue, this 7' sees the head-on collision of two major acts in the european noise circuit. norway's jazkamer is the electronics and guitar duo of lasse marhaug and john hegre, best known for their Ômetal machine music' death metal concept album but also for the searing blasts of electricity that typify their more noise-oriented work. marhaug is a major figure in international noise, well-known for having more releases to his name than many people have in their collections. for this release, they also recruit fellow norwegian and multi-tasking guitar-mangling prodigy anders hana (noxagt, moha!) - as if they needed any help to kick out the jams on this jawdroppingly raucous live recording. in contrast, the flip side features something significantly more serene from mark durgan (who you may also know as putrefier and who is rumoured to have been part of the mystery line-up of the new blockaders at thurston mooore's all tomorrows parties). subsonic rumbles and birdsong dominate the surface of this track, but the devil's in the detail Ð poke your attention through the thin surface ice and you'll easily fall through to hidden depths. this is another of no-fi's trademark hand-stamped jukebox sleeve 7's, with stunning centre label art by lasse marhaug.
Cat. number: neu 006 ep
Year: 2008

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