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Now There\'s A Weird Taste In My Mouth

Label: Dekorder

Format: mini-CD

Genre: Electronic

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Dídac P. Lagarriga was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil, 1976) and is based in Barcelona, expiring his time mixing and cross-pollinating sounds, text and visuals. Under the name "Un Caddie Renversé Dans L'Herbe" he has released short works, MP3's and CD's on labels such as Open Circuit/Staalplaat, K-RAA-K, Tu M', Amanita, Z-Dimension, Errror Club and Mínim. His label Ooze.Bap concentrates the larger part of his releases since 2000. His last release before this new 3"CD is "Some Nenu Songs" (panafrobrazilian rhizomes meets robotica under a nenu silkworm orchestrated band), a break after "Polyhedric Tetrapak", an irregular album with remixes by DJ Olive, Alejandra&Aeron, Erik M, Stephen Vitiello and OnCe11. "Now There's A Weird Taste In My Mouth" presents a quieter, more concentrated approach to sound in contrast to the last album's urban south american rhythms and textures while still using the fascinating combination of african instruments such as the Balaphon, Mbira, Kalimba w/ modern software, piano, cello, guitar and ghostly voice samples. A self description: Music made by hundreds of unknown influences, specific temporary places, some souvenirs sampling older souvenirs, garden practices, pastiches... A music made far from reviews, far from wires and vital pens and close to the coast. Music is always a cross-pollinated ground and the digital process is just this: a process... Far from soft-wars stereotyping tired clicks... A music made by itself, Un Caddie was there, right, but just listening to and apparently changing orders, the same sound but different...
Cat. number: Dekorder 001
Year: 2003

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