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Kobzareva Duma - Excerpt 1
Kobzareva Duma - Excerpt 2
Kobzareva Duma - Excerpt 3

Shapoval Sextet

Obzareva Duma (LP)

Label: Shukai

Format: LP

Genre: Jazz

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In winter 1976, a few years before Olexandr Shapoval headed up the well-known band Vodogray, a jazz band called Shapoval Sextet recorded three pieces "Kobzareva Duma" in live at the Donetsk Jazz Festival. The tape has been lost for almost 45 years, until now. The most radical, experimental and psych jazz recording from the Ukrainian Soviet-era found to date.

Composed and arranged by, flutes, saxophone: Oleksandr Shapoval
Trumpet: Oleg Anapolsky
Electric organ, piano: Oleg Kosko
Guitar, spoken words: Igor Kruchinenko
Drums: Oleksandr Gurov
Bass guitar: Oleksandr Ishchuk

Recorded live in 1976 at The Donetsk Jazz Festival. Restoration and mastering by Flaty. Liner notes by Mykola Amosov. Compiled by Sasha Tsapenko, Dmytro Prutkin and Dmytro Nikolaienko.

Cat. number: SHUKAI4
Year: 2020