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Antoine Beuger

Ockeghem Octets

Label: Another Timbre

Format: CD

Genre: Experimental

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Antoine Beuger's 'Ockeghem Octets' are one of a long series of pieces, each one written for one more musician than the previous piece in the series, starting with the ‘dedekind duos’ and ending with the ‘ihwe tunings for twenty’. "My idea then was to create a series of musical situations in which all players do the same: play very long, very soft tones. So it is not their being different from each other, that primarily shapes the musical situation, but their number, their “being two”, their “being five”, … Of course, the shifts are more overtly dramatic with the smaller numbers, as in real life. But continuing my search I was really surprised, how even situations like “being eleven” or “being seventeen” may induce very specific worlds."

Ryoko Akama - melodica Seamus Cater - concertina Kate Halsall - harmonium Sarah Hughes - e-bow zither Ecka Mordecai - cello Harriet Richardson - flute Leo Svirsky - accordion Kathryn Williams - alto flute

Cat. number: at114
Year: 2017

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