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Jim O'Rourke

Old News #6


Format: Vinyl LPx2

Genre: Electronic

Out of stock

Beloved experimental soundsmith Jim O'Rourke is at it again, having just announced his umpteenth release of the year. Back in the spring, the Japan-based artist revealed he would be starting up his Old News series of releases that mined the "analogue synth and tape works (both studio and live) from the depths of Jim O'Rourke's archive." Though volume five was issued just this past June, O'Rourke has issued volume six by the end of this summer. . A new 70+ minute electronic piece split over four sides. Two years in making, 'all that's cold is new again' was partly commissioned by Christian Zanesi for GRM's Présences Électronique Festival in Paris. An intense and rewarding listen rich in detail and of full of some classic O'Rourke hooks and turns, which he has masterfully developed over the last two decades.

Cat. number: old news 6
Year: 2011

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