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Open Body, a Complete Discography - excerpt 1
Open Body, a Complete Discography - excerpt 2
Open Body, a Complete Discography - excerpt 3
Open Body, a Complete Discography - excerpt 4

Lightning White Bison

Open Body: a Complete Discography (Tape + USB 'Tapedrive')

Label: Bluesanct, Orphanology

Format: Tape + USB 'Tapedrive'

Genre: Experimental

Out of stock

Tip! **50 copies, professionally duplicated 13 album boxset containing over 9 hours of music, and 90 minutes of video modules with full color artwork and hand-numbered insert in library style white case** Functioning somewhat as an instrumental shadow-project to psyche-pastoral outfit Timber Rattle, Lightning White Bison is an ongoing musical endeavor that comprises conceptual sound experiment, re-worked multi-media source materials, and spontaneous environmental improvisation.

Spanning over a decade of recordings, Open Body is a complete discography of previously released material which runs the gamut from early electronic keyboard and cassette tape drones, to melodic half-speed vinyl loops, to pump-organ mantras laced with collected field recordings.

The Bluesanct production of the discography also includes the previously unreleased album Otevřenétělo on audio cassette, and a series of short video modules which can be arranged, shuffled and looped at the listener’s discretion to create a visual accompaniment to the music.

Recorded and mixed largely in the course of travels and intermittent stays in a variety of barns, cabins, old churches and houses throughout America and Europe, this comprehensive collection of abstracted compositions serves to document the continual unfolding of a life-long celebration of sound, place, instrument and song."

Cat. number: INRI096
Year: 2019

- USB Flash Drive Cassette contains the first 12 LWB album, in both FLAC and MP3 format, plus 90 minutes of short video modules meant to be played at random as a visual enhancement to the audio

- Analog cassette contains the unreleased LWB album "Otevřenétělo" (2020, 46 minutes), only available via this boxset. No digital version will be made available until Spring Equinox 2021.