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Past The 20th Century - excerpt

Jerry Solomon

Past The 20th Century (Lp)

Label: Modern Harmonic

Format: LP

In stock

Seemingly unable to find an immediately-available niche in the outside world, Jerry Solomon spent the '60s & '70s carving his own niche and world into the grooves of records. Gone are the wobbly rock ‘n roll beats of Jerry’s earlier contributions, and in their place are droning minor-key melodies, irregular percussive jabs, toy piano strums, and impenetrable lyrics delivered by his self-overdubbed and echo-laden vocals. Original copies were sold on the streets by Jerry himself and trade for four figures if you’re lucky enough to find someone willing to sell one.

This first ever reissue of a private press holy grail includes a zine-style insert complete with liner notes from Bobby Weirdo of Weirdo Music Forever and archival material from Jerry himself!
Cat. number: MH 8075
Year: 2018
Genre: Psych