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The infamoust list of musicians and bands that accompanied the first album by Nurse With Wound

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Ya Ho Wha 13

Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony


Format: CD

Genre: Psych

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CD reissue of this album from 1974, Penetration: An Aquarian Symphony was intended to be Ya Ho Wha 13's masterwork, acting as a Merkabah of sorts to elevate its listeners to a heightened state of consciousness. Along with I'm Gonna Take You Home, it's just the best -- one of the finest sacred space cadet acid-mantra psychedelic death trips of all time, for sure. Captain Father Yod moans & groans a perfect vocal chime over the top of the searing guitar rip of "Djin" and a massive cloak of tribal percussion and general peaked whatsis. Touched & tipped by higher forces you can only dream of -- this contain the most intense passages created by the band Ya Ho Wa 13. One of the best album covers of all time, too.

Cat. number: SW2
Year: 2018

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