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The Ghost - I've Got to Get to Know You (1970)


La Discoteque Psychedelique Vol. 1 (LP)

Label: Boss-A-Tone Records

Format: LP

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Ttripped-out rarities from the European scene at the end of the 60s! Most of the artists here show an influence from the headier rock of the times -- but also often a good bit of jazz, and soundtrack-styled instrumentation ! Includes tracks by Pawnshop (UK/Italy), Roundhouse (UK/Italy), Kati Kovacs & Juventus (Hungary), The Ghost (UK), Manolo Y Ramon (Spain), Tony Ritchie (UK), Spencer Mac (UK), Birth Control (Germany), Tony Hendrik (Germany), Nuova Idea (Italy), Black Velvet (UK), Dani Martin (Belgium), W. François Wertheimer (France), Gene Latter (UK), Messe Blanche (Belgium) and Electra Combo (Germany).

Cat. number: B-A-T 009
Year: 2018
File under: Psychedeliagrooves