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Ya Ho Wha 13

Songs From The Source

Label: Drag City

Format: CD

Genre: Rock

In stock

Twelve amazing songs recorded live in the Father House garage as a rehearsal for a live date that Spirit of '76 (aka YaHoWa 13, also now known as Children of the Sixth Root Race, Father Yod's "house band") had at the Whisky in the summer of 1973. It's still a mystery how a 1/4" tape copy of the recording was found in Chicago in 2006. Djin Aquarian, guitarist of Children of the Sixth Root Race and composer of all but one of the songs on the album, recalls being sent on a mission to Chicago later in 1973, where he may have left the tape with an old friend. Though this rehearsal was not initially meant to be an album and isn't a part of the Yahowha collection of albums, there are no other remaining recordings of this band doing these songs in existence. There's something different in the energy of the Drag City release, with an R'n'B-infused vibe different than most of the other Yahowa albums. The Source family came into existence in the 1970s, the era of the cult commune. The community lived in two spheres. During the day they moved among the Los Angeles elite, serving organic food to celebrities at their acclaimed Source restaurant. But back home in their Hollywood Hills mansion, the family explored the metaphysical world by following their charismatic leader, Father Yod. Father Yod was also the front man for the family's transcendent psychedelic group.
Cat. number: DC365
Year: 2008

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