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Pitched Intervention - excerpt 1
Pitched Intervention - excerpt 2
Pitched Intervention - excerpt 3
Pitched Intervention - excerpt 4

Sissy Spacek

Pitched Intervention (LP)

Label: Bank Burner Records

Format: LP

Genre: Electronic

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Finally available on vinyl! Recorded in Los Angeles in February 2018, Pitched Intervention consists of a Concrete and collage session by Charlie Mumma and John Wiese with Don Bolles (The Germs, Ariel Pink) and Mitchell Brown (Gasp), and one session with Mitchell Brown and Joseph Hammer (Solid Eye, Joe & Joe, LAFMS).


"For 20 years, Sissy Spacek, the LA duo of Charlie Mumma and John Wiese, have churned out excellent noise that runs the gamut from gut-wrenching drums / guitar / growl grindcore to harsh electronic assaults to abstract concrète. The sounds on this 2019 LP fall on the latter end of this spectrum, with recordings of three recent live performances of tape music in collaboration with some heavy hitters from the LA experimental scene. On Puzzle Performance (A1), they’re joined by Don Bolles (of The Germs) on turntables and Mitchell Brown (aka Professor Cantaloupe) on synths and tape machine. A glowing sea of sound, with recorded snippets bobbing up to the surface – broadcasts from radio shows from the past or croaked alien language from transmissions from the future – and rough static eroding the edges. Council-Manager (A2), with assistance from Brown and LAFMS’s Joseph Hammer working the tapes, begins with quiet rustling; soon smooth jazz and feel-good folk are whipped into a nauseating nightmare. The B side is a sidelong track called Glossolalia (B1), named for Bolles’ excellent Monday night radio program on KXLU, one of the few you’ll be forgiven for cheating on KFJC to tune into. The demolition crew – including Brown and Bolles – gets to work, with crashing metal, concrete and glass. Strange melodies from a processed piano rise from the ruins; later, the familiar sounds of Wiese’s growling vocals and Mumma’s drumming that rolls to a boil, set the stage for the clipped classic rock finale." - Lexi Glass

Cat. number: KCSB-002
Year: 2019

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