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Scissors - Excerpt 1
Scissors - Excerpt 2
Scissors - Excerpt 3

Sissy Spacek

Scissors (7"x2)

Label: Helicopter

Format: 7"x2

Genre: Experimental

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* 2x7-inch, gatefold cover * 20th anniversary edition of Sissy Spacek's second album, first reissue since it's original release, this time as a double 7-inch in a deluxe gatefold cover. An incomprehensible, discombobulated wreck.
"This four-track explosion of sound had my jaw agape from the first note to the last. With minor percussive breaks between sizzling hard-wired damage, this wasn’t at all what I expected. Instead John Wiese has offered tracks that intensely re-align your senses for their fifteen minutes of “insane”. It’s not until we get to the final track “Please Don’t Sleep While We Explain” that the wash of colorful collision is tempered and muffled to conclusion. It’s a scream-fest with fire to spare. Not for the weak hearted." — TJ Norris

Cat. number: H 17
Year: 2020

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