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Fil Plastic, Marco Laguna, Various

Primitive Skateboarding, Belgium 1978 (Book + Tape)

Label: Editions du Caïd

Format: Book + Tape

Genre: Rock

Out of stock

**2019 stock** In 2008, at the Brussels flea market, Marco Laguna got his hands on a batch of 200 slides revealing the first wave of skateboarding in Belgium. Considering the relevance of these mysterious documents as well as the few (or not at all) unpublished images of this period (1977-1978) - witness of the appearance of the first skateparks, the first championships, the first Belgian boards, the creation of the league, etc. - he decides, with Fil Plastic, to spread this historical testimony through a book.
Primitive Skateboarding Belgium 1978 is accompanied by a sticker and an audio cassette, containing 9 groups from the current Belgian Punk / Garage / Hardcore scene, raw like the energy of skateboarding!

Cat. number: 978-2-930754-20-8
Year: 2018
Text & photographs
Format: 21×27 cm (French style)
104 pages in qadrichromy
Cardboard cover and glued glossy  paper printed in silkscreen

Includes sticker + C25 Tape in protective sleeve printed in silkscreen

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